3 Rookie Mistakes New Podcasters
Make And How to Avoid Them


Learn Insider Secrets to Quickly Start a Successful Podcast with this
100% Free Workshop and Avoid the Most Detrimental Mistakes New Podcasters
Make From the Start 


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3 Rookie Mistakes New Podcasters
Make And How to Avoid Them


Learn Insider Secrets to Quickly Start a Successful Podcast with this 100% Free Workshop and Avoid the Most Detrimental Mistakes New Podcasters Make From the Start 


100% Free Training | Get Instant Access Now

Top Podcasting Expert Samantha Lee Wright Will Show You:

👉  How to properly use a microphone and avoid bad-quality audio

👉  The best (and most affordable) equipment to use

👉  How to clarify your podcast idea so that it instantly connects with the right people

👉  How podcasting works behind the scenes (it's easier than you think)

👉  The biggest mistakes new podcasters make when publishing to Apple and Spotify

Here's what you'll learn in this

100% Free Podcasting Workshop

Step 1 - Clarify and Test Out Your Podcast Idea

Learn to get laser-focused on your core concept, then test it out so you don’t waste precious time on the wrong idea. This part of the training walks you through how to clarify a podcast idea that cuts through the noise, speaks to your soul, and resonates with your ideal listeners.

Step 2 - Assemble the Right Podcasting Equipment and Software

This part of the training not only teaches you what equipment and software you’ll need to start podcasting (that won’t cost you an arm and a leg btw), but also simple and powerful tips for using your microphone properly to get a superior sound quality.

Step 3 - Avoid These Common Mistakes When Publishing

I’ll walk you through how to publish your podcast and make it available on places like Apple and Spotify. Plus I’ll help you avoid the most detrimental mistakes new podcasters make when submitting their show

Your voice matters.
Learn to share it.

Take it from me. Podcasting is one of those things that can change your life forever.

There I was. Head deep in bills I couldn't pay. Exhausted from juggling diapers, laundry, and side-gigs. And overwhelmed by the fear that I'd never be able to provide a financially stable life for my kids. 

And all this time, I was dreaming of a better future, brainstorming solutions, and –– you guessed it! –– listening to a TON of podcasts. Podcasts helped me reimagine what my future could look like.

Then it hit me: podcasting isn't just my escape. It's my solution! I realized podcasting allows you to reach people all around the world without having to be on camera (my biggest fear) or social media 24/7 (my biggest downer).

I got to work, made my plan, and dove in.  

Now, here I am, a #1 podcaster with over 5 million downloads to her name.

And trust me, if I could do it (from my crappy basement, with my $40 microphone, and absolutely zero experience), then friend...you can too.

Podcasting is my absolute dream job.  I pinch myself every day that I get to do this for a living.

And now I get to help you start your own podcast and avoid some of the biggest mistakes I had to learn the a hard way.

xo, Sam


Praise for Samantha Lee Wright

Krissy Chin
Badass is the New Black

"Samantha is a genius when it comes to starting a podcast on a shoestring budget. The fact that she started her audience from scratch and built up her podcast to the size it is in such a short time is a testament to her knowledge and strategy."

Lindsey Elmore
The Lindsey Elmore Show

"When I first started my podcast, Samantha was one of the first people I called for help, advice, and encouragement. That’s because she has SO many years of experience in podcasting. She’s not only ahead of the curve, but a passionate educator of the platform."

Janell Rardon
Today's Heartlift

"Sam has done a great job at creating a very hands on, very approachable, foundational level on how to create a podcast. She gets to the nuts and bolts, highly practical, highly applicable, and wise."

About Samantha Lee Wright

As a young mom –– starting from zero and juggling diapers and laundry –– Samantha Lee Wright analyzed, strategized, and bootstrapped her way into podcasting fame. With no connections, and a shoestring budget, she skyrocketed to success, becoming the world’s top podcaster in her category just weeks after launching. She built a six-figure business to support her family thanks to podcasting and is now obsessed with helping others do the same.

Sam is not only a master of her platform, but a passionate teacher of the podcasting medium; leading the next generation of podcasters into the future with clarity and confidence. She mentors new podcasters in her detailed online academy, Pineapple Podcast Academy –– the online training program that helps new creators start and grow their podcasts from scratch.


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